10 Second Ninja X Review

PC PlayStation Xbox One

It’s gonna take us more than ten seconds to review this Ninja. Today we review 10 Second Ninja X for Xbox One.

Four Circle Interactive’s 10 Second Ninja X can be considered a spin-off of the original 10 Second Ninja that released a little over 2 years ago. Both requires you to complete the board within the 10 second limit while destroying robots. In this particular edition, the robots are actually not robots at all, but your friends trapped inside prisons that resemble robots. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to free your little buddies within 10 seconds.20160726171952.mp4.00_00_35_05.Still003


Captain Greatbeard has kidnapped your forest buddies and trapped them in a robot. With each robot you destroy, you release one of your friends. There are over 100 levels to get thru. You also have the availability to roam thru Captain Greatbeards ships for secret.

Ok, so the story is lacking a little but it not a make or break for this game. We live in a day and age where there has to be some sort of story for every game we play. Yep, we have been spoiled. Gone are the days of playing pong without having a sinister evil back story. This game didn’t really need a story but it checks that box. The only thing you would really need to worry about in this game is the gameplay itself.20160726171815.mp4.00_00_12_08.Still001



If you don’t succeed, try, try again…. and then when you’re done trying…. try again. 10 Second Ninja X will ultimately put a strain on your patience. This game gives a whole new meaning to practice makes perfect. Its pretty easy to navigate thru the board. The challenge of course, is to do it within the 10 second timeframe.

Given a sword and 3 shurikens (ninja stars), you flip and double flip your way thru each board, clearing out every robot you can in the 10 second timeframe. The video you see below was my first try. During a ton of retries and route recalculations, I managed to work my way up to 2 stars and occasionally surprised myself with 3 stars.20160726171952.mp4.00_00_26_01.Still002

I love the fact that this game lets you know how close you are to grabbing the next star level. Sometimes it motives you to get to the next star, sometimes it inspires you to just move on. If you’re more than a second off, you may want to think of trying a different route. Considering that you need a specific amount of gold stars to get to the next level of maps, you most likely need to average 2 stars for each board played.

The gameplay doesn’t come with out its flaws. There has been times when the button you push may not register. Other times, the movement mechanics make you overshoot your target. While it may seem like a minor issue, It becomes pretty significant with a time-based game.


I’m not going to really spend much time on aesthetics of this game as it wasn’t really meant to be a huge visual game. 10 Second Ninja X is a 2D game and a little purple ninja. It reminds you of the Sega Genesis days. This game proves that graphic is not what makes a game; but the content within that makes it a hit.20160722124525.mp4.00_09_59_04.Still001


10 Second Ninja X has the ability to captivate, frustrate, and exhilarate you, all in a 10 second time span. It requires lots of repetition and tons of patience. This game not only challenges your patience, it challenges the mind. Coming up with different methods to record a better time requires us to actually use our brains. It’s absolutely one of the better 2D games I’ve played in a while.

The 9.99 price tag on this game is a steal in my book. It’s a game that everyone should have in their collection. 10 Second Ninja X is available for Xbox One, PlayStation4, PlayStation Vita, and PC.

I want to thanks Four Circle Interactive for giving me the opportunity to review this game as I had a blast doing it.

As always, Thanks for reading!


  • Each board is smartly designed
  • Makes you use your brain for better results
  • Simple yet addictive


  • Story was not needed
  • Sometimes button don't register correct movement