NBA 2K 12… Where is the Hype?

In years past, NBA 2k series has been the gem of sports games world-wide. Fans would clamor for any updates and footage that 2K could provide. NBA2K 11 surpassed NBA2K 10 by leaps and bounds. I can recall last year trying to check in on the 2K sports forums and OperationSports to get the latest on the game features every hour. I would search Youtube like a soldier on a recovery mission to get any videos I could from gamers who received the game earlier and felt obligated to post their game videos.

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I can’t say that this year’s game has received a lot of attention. Either NBA2K 12 is so much like 2K11 that there is nothing to say, or the company that dismantled the NBA live franchise just doesn’t feel that they need to disclose information any longer. Afterall, they are the only true-to-life basketball game around these days.  So much so that NBA live didn’t want to release the garbage they renamed NBA Elite. This game in years past has always been a must buy. Even with the little info 2K has provided, it’s still a must buy for me.

Its been reported that NBA 2K12 will now be adding online association mode as one of their online features.  If their servers hold up (which is an issue in itself), this will be a very big addition for gamers who enjoy the game as I do. To be able to draft rookies and keep an online league going for a few seasons is something that 2K fans have had on the top of their wish list since Madden accomplished this.  You have to ask, “What the hell took so long?” Afterall, fans have been asking for this since 2008.

But then there are the issues with servers not allowing player to connect to an online game.  This has been an issue since 2007 but no one seems to have found an answer for it. Year after year there were promises that the servers will respond better yet never seem to. I can only hope, with online association leagues, the issue gets addressed this year. Regardless of how improved the AI is when playing against the computer, sometimes its good to know there is someone with a brain on the other side controlling the opponent.

All in all, from what I have seen so far, this looks like the same game from years past but with a most anticipated feature of online association mode. Last year’s game was pretty good so I guess it’s hard to mess with something that doesn’t need major adjustments.

Come on 2K… let’s hype this thing up. What happened to the weekly insider reviews and trailers that were being released 3 months before the game hit the shelves like last year?  Guess we will have to leave it to the imagination for now.  The one thing that bodes well for NBA 2k is that I have a big imagination.

–Average Xbox Gamer

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