BattleBorn: New Generation Shooter?

BattleBorn: New Generation Shooter?

I came in expecting not to like this game, but I turned off my Xbox feeling pretty impressed.

So it’s not Call Of Duty or Battlefield, but isn’t that what gets other games in trouble. It’s hard to release successful shooter style games this day and age due to how far games and consoles have come. Being compared to COD and Battlefield can be a death sentence. But at last, a breath of fresh air.


BattleBorn brings colorful tears to my eyes, its cartoonish graphics are pretty sweet in its own right. Not everything needs to be realistic to be successful and this game proves just that.

It doesn’t come without its flaws. In my review copy, it took a few tries to understand what my character could do. I am used to a button that aims down the sites and another to shoot but this game didn’t have that. Its pretty much point and shoot. It felt weird to not aim before firing. Almost as if the game was designed to fire from the hip.


I havent played the full game so i cant comment on the story yet. The game play is nice. There is a learning curve to finding out what you character can do. Leveling up your character seems pretty decent. The longer you play the more you can upgrade your player.

As I said in the beginning, I turned on my Xbox expecting not to like this game. Hell, I almost didn’t want to give it a chance. But once i played it for a while it really grew on me. It’s an absolute fun game to play.

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