Gronk graces the cover of Madden 17

Gronk graces the cover of Madden 17

EA Sports announce that the New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski is the Madden NFL 17 cover athlete. Blessing or a Curse?

We already knew the date the most anticipated football game would release (August 23), now we know who will grace the cover.

Gronk has won the Cover Boy Sweepstakes and will represent Madden 17 for the 2016-17 NFL Football Season. Over the next few weeks you will see commercials all over the air waves showcasing his most memorable plays, dances, and signature ball spike in the end zone.


Gronkowski is one of the most decorated tight ends in the NFL, holding the season record for most touchdowns by a tight end in a season, as well as a four-time Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl Champion. He’s widely regarded as one of the most physically dominant players in the league, and was the highest-rated tight end in Madden NFL 16.

“It’s a really special honor to appear on the cover of Madden NFL 17,” said Gronkowski. “It’s one of those things that pretty much every guy in the league secretly dreams of, so to actually be the one on the cover, it’s a really big deal.”


It’s no secret that most cover athletes on the Madden cover fall victim to the famous Madden Cover Curse. Gronkowski has already had his share of injuries so hopefully he has already gotten it out of his system. All in all, it’s a much deserved accolade for the future Hall Of Fame tight-end.

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