Microsoft Announces ‘Project Scorpio’!

Microsoft Announces ‘Project Scorpio’!

Microsoft announces a new console for the 2017 holiday season!

Project Scorpio will be Microsoft’s next console according to Phil Spencer of Xbox.

The new console will be Microsoft’s most powerful console ever created. The console is still under construction. So much so, that we only got to see some of the components of whats expected to go inside the new console.Captureb

Project Scorpio is said to have 4K resolution and game play and will dish out the best frame rates with a powerful GPU that as yet to be named. The new console will have 8 CPU cores, 6 teraflops of processing power and 128 megabytes of memory bandwidth. This will also power the currently popular VR headsets as well. Game developers have been put on notice by Microsoft to make future games VR and 4K compatible.Captured

Microsoft also announces that the new console will be compatible with all the accessories you currently have with the Xbox One and soon to be released Xbox One S.

So start building that lemonade stand kids. May your family car washes be plentiful. Save every dime and pick up every penny. No price has been announced but it will most likely be north of 600 smackers.

Will you be upgrading your console when Project Scorpio is released during the holiday season of 2017. Will you stick with the Xbox One for a few more years? Do you not even care? Let us know below.

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