Microsoft’s New Console: Xbox One S

Microsoft’s New Console: Xbox One S

New Xbox One S as been announced! Check out more here.

Microsoft’s worst kept secret is finally out of the bag as they have unveiled thier newest console called Xbox One S(Slim).micro s

This console will have 4K and VR capabilities. Microsoft informs that this will be the most powerful console on the market well… until Project Scorpio arrives. The console will also be cross compatible with Xbox One, and cross play with Windows 10.

The console will come with up to 2 TB of hard drive space so you can upload games to your hearts desire. Xbox One S will be 40% smaller than its previous

This Slimmer, Sleeker version of Xbox One will also include an IR Blaster, integrated power supply, HDR Gaming, and of course, 4K and blue ray compatibility.

Microsoft has confirmed that you will get all this for the same price as the current Xbox One, which just took a price cut.xboxs7

So will you abandon your older Xbox One in favor of this new design? Or will you hold on to your wallet until Project Scorpio is released? Let us know your thoughts.


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