New Madden 17 Trailer

New Madden 17 Trailer

EA has released a new trailer for Madden 17. Check it out here.

In this trailer you get a first look at some of the new features including the new commentary duo of Charles Davis and Brandon Gauldin. EA informs that the material will continue to be fresh because the pair of commentators will record new content thru the NFL season. If something happens during the NFL season to a particular player, you may hear about it in the game.image7.img

Special Teams also got an overhaul. EA informed that they want to make field goals tougher this year and will no longer be a sure thing. Gone are the days of the extra point gimme. With a new kicking system, you will have to work a little harder for those field goals.Capture5

And that’s not all. Franchise mode also gets an update. Your injured players will have an option to play injured if needed. No risk no reward right? Capture

Madden 17 has also introduced ‘Play the Moment’. Play the Moment allows player to… the moment. Instead of playing an entire season, you will have an option to just play the key moments of the game such as a go ahead score or a red zone play. This will allow the game and season to move faster. image5.img

There is a lot more new features Madden 17 as introduced. We cant wait to get our hands on this game to see how it stacks up.

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