Overwatch Competitive Play now live for PC


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Overwatch Competitive Play now live for PC

Overwatch Competitive Play now live for PC

Blizzard Entertainment has officially launched OverWatch Competitive Play for PC today.

Competitive Play now gives OverWatch players something to play for. You would first have to play around 10 games before the system can accurately rank you. Once you have gone thru that phase the system will rank based on their ranking system. The unfortunate thing is that you can move up in rank or down in rank based on the games you win. So if you are doing great but stuck on a bad team, prepare to drop a few points in rank. There is no I in team right?

The ranking system may be far from perfect but competitive play is extremely fun to play. The fact that everyone playing has something to lose makes the win that much sweeter.symmetra-screenshot-002

Blizzard informed on their forum that the update has not come to consoles yet.

First, we wanted to be upfront and let players know that we won’t be able to release our Competitive Play patch on all platforms at the same time. The patch will be going live on PC today, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can expect it sometime next week. We don’t have an exact date to share, but we can confirm that the patch is going through approvals right now on both platforms.

We know this isn’t an ideal way to deliver new content, so we’re going to continue to refine our patching processes over the next few months in an effort to sync up our release dates across platforms as closely possible. Although our Battle.net client will always allow us to be more agile on PC, we hope to reach a point where we can release major updates on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 simultaneously

The official date for console hasn’t been determined but we will keep you posted as more news arrives.

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