Xbox One Has A New Low Price But Should you Buy Now?

Xbox One Has A New Low Price But Should you Buy Now?

Xbox One has a new low price. But should you go out and buy one?The standard Xbox One is now $299. The 1TB version will also fall to $319. This also means you will see even sweeter deals on Amazon and eBay. The question of the day is should you buy one?51157_02_xbox-one-price-dropped-299-a-limited-time

If you’re buying one for the kids it may be a hard price to pass up. But if you are a game enthusiast like I am, the answer is a solid No.

With E3 right around the corner, the drop in price could indicate that the rumors around a new version of the Xbox One may actually be coming. Microsoft could be lowering the price to make room for the speculated Xbox One Slim that will be compatible with VR. Microsoft will not confirm or deny the rumors at this time but did say they had some big surprises to unveil at this years E3 conference. Seeing how rivals such as PlayStation are going all in on VR it seems only fitting that Microsoft do the same.oculus_xbox_one-635x363

If you can hold out, its best to wait until after E3 before buying any gaming consoles or any other gaming devices for that matter. With E3 closing in fast, do you have the will power to withstand all the good deals coming your way?

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