NBA Live Goes Mobile

NBA Live Goes Mobile

EA Sports launches a new mobile app for NBA Live.

Mobile gaming has become very popular over the last few years. It’s also pretty lucrative as mobile games tend to bring in over $30 billion dollars a year. EA Sports has informed that they are ready for their piece of the pie.

The video game giant announced today that they have released NBA Live Mobile for the App Store and Google play. NBA LIVE Mobile lets players build the ultimate squad for 5-on-5 action, and will connect fans to the league all year-long.

EA explains,

“NBA LIVE Mobile provides a variety of ways to play, including Live Event drills or game scenarios, head-to-head matchups against fans all over the world and single-player Season mode. As players participate in matches they will earn coins and other rewards that will allow them to further build up a team to beat.”

Some question why EA Sports has decided to release this mobile app after the NBA season officially ended. There has been speculation that maybe EA is trying to distance itself from being in direct competition with fan favorite NBA 2K, who also has its own mobile app.

EA also announced earlier this year that they will not be releasing NBA Live 17 until early 2017 which means that the game will not release until mid-season which is 4 months after NBA 2K releases.

We will have to see if the ‘better late than never’ strategy brings the franchise back to a competitive state.

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