Five reasons to buy a Xbox One S

Five reasons to buy a Xbox One S

Some may be on the fence about buying the Xbox One S. Here are five reasons you should consider buying the newest addition to the Xbox family.

5) Different Color

For those looking for a change of scenery, the Xbox One S comes in white. Maybe white matches a theme that you are trying to achieve for your gaming setup. Having a white console can really make your gaming setup look more modern. If white is not your color, you can try for the Gears Of War Limited Edition that comes in red. I am pretty sure the colors and themes will change again before the holidays as Microsoft likes to release theme based consoles.Xbox-One-S-Gears-of-war-4-2-1024x805

4) Smaller

Not enough room on your desk or entertainment center? The Xbox One S is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. The console is freakishly slim considering that power supply is built-in. On top of that, the console also comes with an IR blaster and up to 2 TB of

3) Price

The Xbox One S starts at $299. Just a month ago the original Xbox One was discounted at the same price before being reduced again to $279. So for $20 extra bucks you can get a Xbox One S that comes future proof with 4k support. Seems like a pretty sweet deal to me. Of course you can get the more expensive models that come with more storage. Keep in mind that you can grab a compatible storage device and added when needed.xboxs7

2) Vertical Stand

We’ve already covered that the Xbox One S is 40% smaller, but now you can save even more room by going vertical, as the console will come with a vertical stand . You can still have the option to lay it flat if you want, but the vertical stand gives the console a floating look if you position it correctly.micro s

1) 4K compatible

For the few that do own a 4k television, The Xbox One S will be a smart move. According to Microsoft, the console will convert most games into 4K resolution. As of now, the Xbox One S is the only version that will allow 4K support until Project Scorpio arrives. Playing with the best resolution really makes a difference in your gaming experience. I tried playing my Xbox 360 after months of playing on the Xbox One and it was pretty painful.quantum-break-release



So there you have it. Five reasons you should buy the new Xbox One. Xbox One S will hit stores on August 2.  If you are buying a Xbox One S, let us know why.

Still on the fence? Here are also Five reasons you should not buy a Xbox One S.

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