Five Reasons not to buy a Xbox One S

Five Reasons not to buy a Xbox One S

Xbox One S is the slimmer upgrade to the original Xbox One, but should you buy? We break down fives reasons you should reconsider.

With the recent news that the Xbox One S will release on August 2, we expect the console will boost much-needed sales for the tech giant Microsoft. We gave you Five reasons to buy a Xbox One S, now we give you Five reasons not to buy.

5) Color

White can be a pretty bright color. The Xbox One S doesn’t come in other colors unless you crank out the cash for a Limited Edition. While bigger, the original Xbox One comes in black. It appears more stealthy and practically disappears allowing it to become less of a

4) Just bought an Xbox One

If you just bought a Xbox One, why buy another? They pretty much do the same thing. All the games that are playable on the Xbox One S will also play on the Xbox One. Versions of the original console also comes with Kinect. It’s currently an add-on for the Xbox One S and you would need to purchase an adapter as there is no Kinect connection on newest console.Xbox-one-kinect-controller-

3) No 4K television

A lot of people don’t have 4K televisions yet. Some are just happy with the 1080 resolution the have now. Others probably can’t afford a 4K tv at the moment. Lets face it,  this time last year 4K televisions were grossly over priced. They are slowing coming down in price so waiting it out would most likely benefit your wallet.xl_WT600

2) The Unknown

Ahh the unknown. Getting the new Xbox One S is like opening a cracker jack box not knowing what prize is lurking at the bottom of the box. Getting the newest console on release day means that you also will get all the bugs that come along with it. With the power supply integrated within the unit, will it overheat? Surely you wont see a red ring of death but will you get something similar? Will the system stay connected to the Wi-Fi? Will the system have issues reading disc? All these things we will not know until a few weeks after release.redringofdeath

1) Project Scorpio

Microsoft has already informed that Project Scorpio will be release closer to the holidays of 2017. That’s about a year and a half away. If you already have an Xbox One, waiting for Project Scorpio would make sense. By 2017, 4K televisions will be affordable as well. According to Microsoft, Project Scorpio will be the most powerful console they ever built and I gotta say, it looks great on paper. So why buy a teddy bear, when you can have the Grizzly.Captureb


So there you have it. 5 reasons not to buy a Xbox One S. If you are still on the fence, check out our article on Five Reasons to buy a Xbox One S.

Think something should have been added to this list? Think it’s in the wrong order? Let me know what you guys think about the release of the Xbox One S.

As always, Thanks for reading!

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