OverWatch gets its newest Hero


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OverWatch gets its newest Hero

OverWatch gets its newest Hero

Ana is the first hero added since the release of the popular game Overwatch and she has her eye on you.

Ana is a sniper with healing power. In the video below, it appears that she not only can heal, but also power up other characters just as Mercy currently does and increases speed as Lucio does . The thing that makes her unique is that she also throws out sleeping darts that incapacitates enemies allowing her to get a good shot with her high powered sniper riffle.

Ana is the mother of current OverWatch character Pharah. Appears that she was left for dead after being gun down by WidowMaker. Now she is back to avenge and protect. Watch her story below.

Ana is available now for PC beta players. It hasn’t been confirmed yet when she will make her debut on the consoles. We will keep you update as more news arrives.

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