Xbox One S will be available on August 2

Xbox One S will be available on August 2

Microsoft confirms that the Xbox One S  will be available for purchase on August 2.Microsoft announced its newest console during their E3 press conference earlier last month. Now they have released a date. The Xbox One S will come with all the features of the current Xbox One but will be redesigned with a slimmer look. The power supply will also be built-in instead of having the big bulky brick power supply that we are currently used to. Xbox One S will also come with 4K resolution support for the gamers that can afford 4K Ultra-Wide televisions. micro s con

Pre-Orders are still going at this time. The best ways to pre-order the new system would be to go to your local game store or visit the Microsoft web site by clicking here. If you plan on picking one up but are still dragging your feet on pre-ordering the console, you could be out of luck pretty soon. These do tend to go pretty fast.

Xbox One S starts at $299 for the 500GB version and $349 for the 1TB version. Currently the 2TB option for $399 is the only confirmed version ready for August 2 launch

One growing concern amongst gamers is that a more powerful Xbox by the current name of Project Scorpio will  be releasing by the holiday season of 2017. So do you give in to the urge to buy now and pony up another $500-$700 later or do you sit tight and ride it out? Keep in mind that the main selling feature is that it’s 4K compatible. So if you have no 4K TV, is picking up this newest console even worth it?

So will you be picking up the Xbox One S? Let us know on our Facebook page. If not, let us know why. If you’re still on the fence, hold tight. We may be releasing an article on the reasons you should buy and the reasons you should not coming soon.

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