Watch Dogs 2 to bring back Bounty System

Watch Dogs 2 to bring back Bounty System

Watch Dogs 2 puts a new spin on the Bounty System that was first introduced in the original Watch Dogs game.

There has been speculation on if Ubisoft would bring back the bounty system and now its been confirmed.

The original Watch Dogs bounty system was triggered if you hack the wrong person and didn’t get to them in time before they call in that infamous favor. If you have bounty mode turned on in your settings, your game could be interrupted by another player coming to collect on your head. Taking them out or evading them was the best way to beat the bounty put on your head.

wd2_sc1_gc_bounty_nudle_campusIn Watch Dogs 2, the bounty system has been tweaked a bit. You can now hack your own wanted status and dare bounty hunters to stop you. Bounties can also start if you have caused enough havoc that leads to altercations with law enforcement. If you lead the police on a chase long enough, you may just find yourself in someone else’s game. That player can also aid the police in hunting you down.

This also works both ways. You can be in the middle of your mission and see another player race by you trying to avoid the police. You will have all your tech toys at your disposal to assist the police in hunting the player down. Any successful bounty will help your leveling status.

With either option, the best way to beat a bounty on your head is to evade the bounty hunter. Killing them at this point will only bring another hunter to find you.wd2_sc6_gc_bounty_cafe

As before, you can turn off this option all together if you don’t feel like being bother. After all, it can become frustrating when your trying to complete a mission.

Watch Dogs 2 will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 15th and is already available for pre-order

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