Xbox One S 2TB has been released today

Xbox One S 2TB has been released today

Microsoft has released its 2TB version of the Xbox One S and here is how to get $125 bucks off the price.Best Buy currently has a trade in deal for the Xbox One S 2TB version. If you trade in either a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you will receive a minimum of $125 credit towards the $399 price of the newest console. You would be getting the console for $274 plus tax. For those trying to keep up with the numbers, that is currently around the same price as an original 500 GB Xbox One.bestbuyIf you need a little encouragement, you can always check out our top five reasons to buy the Xbox One S here.

The other storage models will be out later this month. Some of the models releasing later this month will include Madden 17 as well as Halo and Gears of War 4 red model.newegg

This release comes just as Xbox releases its Summer Update which includes the addition of Cortana, background music support, and an update to the Xbox store to get your digital gaming fix.

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