Grab Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition for $15 bucks on PC

Grab Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition for $15 bucks on PC

Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition is available on UPlay for $15 bucks. But only for a limit of time.

Ubisoft wants those who are still on the fence to give Rainbow Six Siege a shot. For a limit of time, you can grab the game for $15 bucks on Uplay.

The Starter Edition for PC is available now and provides full access to the game. Multiplayer (including every map), cooperative Terrorist Hunt, and the single-player Situations are all accessible through the Starter Edition All the operators, all the weapons, and all the attachments are available to unlock as well. You’ll mostly experience the game just as a standard edition player would.

xxr6_starter-edition_infographic_finalThe major difference between the Starter Edition and the Standard Edition is how you unlock the operators. The Starter Edition will give a player 2 random operators. You will need to purchase the rest; hence the word Starter. Ubisoft will start you off with 600 credits which can be sued to purchase in-game content which includes operators.


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