Special Battlefield 1 Xbox One S announced!

Special Battlefield 1 Xbox One S announced!

Microsoft has unveiled its newest color option for the Xbox One S.

Microsoft informs that they will be releasing a 1 TB Xbox One in a Military Green color. It will include a downloadable copy of Battlefield 1 for $349.

xbox1grIf Military Green doesn’t tickle your fancy, there is also a grey version for the 500 GB version of the Xbox One S for $299. Both console versions will come with a copy of the game as well as a month of EA Access.microsoft-announces-military-green-1tb-xbox-one-s-battlefield-1-console-14736862316

Lets not forget about the Gears Of War special model that releases in a blood-red version


While its nice to have options, The green color just doesn’t do it for me but that’s just my own opinion. I’m sure military personnel may see things differently. What do you guys think? Will you be picking up this latest special Battlefield 1 bundle?


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