2017 Most Anticipated Games

2017 Most Anticipated Games

Here is what we believe are 2017 most Anticipated games so far.

2017 is upon us. As we begin this new year, we hope to see better games than 2016. While there were some gems this past year, there have also been a large amount of over hyped games that just didn’t live up to expectations. Developers are hoping to buck that trend with fresh games on the horizon.

ScaleBound – Canceled

It appears that we have been awaiting the release of ScaleBound for a while. Since E3 2014, Platinum Games has been teasing this dragon filled game and now the release year has finally arrived. To be clear, there really isn’t a release date yet but most have expected that ScaleBound should release sometime this year. Time will tell if this game will become reality, or if it’s just a dream concept.

Update: Scalebound has officially been canceled

Mass Effect Andromeda

After showing off Mass Effect Andromeda during E3 last year, BioWare has finally announced a March 21 release date. While there wasn’t much gameplay shown during E3, The cut scenes caught the eye of gamers everywhere. We now know we’re only a few months away from seeing if the gameplay is as good as we hope it to be.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Fractured But Whole was slated to be released in early December of 2016, however, Ubisoft had to push the release date into 2017. After such a positive response from the E3 announcement, the team decided it was in its best interest to push the game back to meet those high expectations. With March being a few short months away, the pressure is on to deliver a product that is worth the wait. The Fractured But Whole is set to release on March 31.

For Honor

For Honor is intriguing to say the least. You don’t have to go far to see footage of this beastly game as it’s all over YouTube. Ubisoft has been hyping this game for some time now. Of course, Ubisoft has been hyping up most of their games over the past few years. There is so much footage out for this game that I feel like I already own it. For Honor will be released on February 14.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is one of the biggest open world shooters that has been currently announced. With the game set to release soon, sign ups have already begun to be apart of the closed beta. Ghost Recon: Wildlands will release March 7

Red Dead Redemption 2

The most talked about game, is also the game we know nothing about. Rockstar games have been pretty tight-lipped about Red Dead Redemption 2. The only thing we really know about this game is that it will most likely be a multi-player co-op and that it will be available this fall. The bar was already set high as the original Red Dead Redemption is still popular with most gamers. The sequel will have huge shoes to fill.

Before you bite my head off, we know there are the usual games that will make their stamp on 2017 such as NBA 2K18 and Madden 18 but we already know what we are getting from the sports games as they release every year. We are basing this on announced games outside of sports. With Pax and E3 coming in 2017, I am sure our views will change as more games are announced.

So what do you guys think? Is there a game in 2017 that you are looking forward to?

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