5 Reasons not to buy a Nintendo Switch

5 Reasons not to buy a Nintendo Switch

Thinking of picking up the Nintendo Switch. I got a few reasons you should reconsider.

Nintendo is currently dominating the headlines and rightfully so. I mean, there’s nothing else news worthy at the moment so it’s generally perfect timing. That sweet spot in between the PlayStation 4 Pro and Project Scorpio was a perfect spot to drop a new console. If Nintendo crashes and burns, it will only have itself to blame.

Today, I have five reasons that Nintendo Switch is just not worth buying.

The Unknown

What do we really know about Nintendo Switch. Ok… I know they had a press event and that was nice at times and awkward at other times. Will it work properly out the box? Every new console has had its share of launch day shenanigans. I would expect no less for the Switch. Battery life for the device is between 2-6 hours which is a pretty broad time span. Sadly, it feels as if Nintendo themselves don’t really know what t expect.


Nintendo has informed that there will be a good array of games to play for Nintendo Switch, however there were not many huge titles shown off during the press event. Sure, you have Zelda and a minor upgrade to Mario Kart, but they could have easily released those for the Wii. Out of the games they did show, Zelda is the only major game that will release the same day as the console. You literally have to wait until the holiday season to get Mario. Releasing a console without a good array of major titles is setting the Switch up to fail.

Games such as 1,2 Switch and ARMS are pretty gimmicky to say the least.  sure they may be fun the first 2 times you play them but the fun with those type of games can wear off pretty quickly. Sure they will have games such as NBA 2K18, FIFA, and Skyrim, but those titles wont be available until the 3rd or even 4th quarter.


As mentioned before, the battery life isn’t great for the Nintendo Switch. In fact, it down right abysmal. The fact that I may only get 2 hours of battery time in a portal device just spells disaster. If you were looking to just sit on a toilet for a few minutes then this may not be a big deal. But what about a road trip, or a plane ride. You would more than likely spend more time charging the game than playing it. In this day and age of modern technology 2-6 hours of device time is unacceptable.

Screen Resolution

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both now have 4k support. Hell, even cell phones these days come with a high-resolution screens. Some even record video in 4K. So why not future proof the Nintendo Switch? As it stand, the Switch will have a 720p resolution with the handheld and 1080p when docked. I understand that they have the handheld with 720p so that it would not drain the battery… but I think we already established that battery life will suck anyway.


Nintendo Switch will debut with a $299 price tag. The hefty price has got the gaming industry flustered. You can currently buy a more powerful Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for the same price. Considering the low specs, lack of games, and terrible battery life, it’s just not worth the current price. Need a new Joy-Con controller to pair with your console? That will cost you another $75 bucks. A good starting price for the Nintendo Switch should have been $199. Anything above that is just highway robbery.

Parting Shots

On paper, the Nintendo Switch is a decent party console just as its predecessor the Wii. in fact, the Wii received as much hype as Switch when it was released. It also sold out on launch as the Switch will also do. There will be tons of YouTube videos and unboxing that you will feel like you own one. It’s this free advertising that Nintendo will need to increase its fan base.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that with the right games, Nintendo Switch could be a hit. Having the ability to make your console portable as well as link multiple console together via Wi-Fi are great features. I predict that the price will slowly decrease as the year goes on. By the holidays, the Switch should be under a lot of Christmas trees…. but then again, so will the system code-named Project Scorpio.


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