Nintendo Switch set to Launch on March 3

Nintendo Switch set to Launch on March 3

Nintendo announces the details of Nintendo SwitchNintendo did everything it could possibly do to sale games on the new console. Lets beak it down


Nintendo Switch contains 2 controllers (Joy-cons), the console, and a dock. Other included accessories are listed below.

Switch can be played in a few modes

TV mode:

TV mode allows you to attach the console to a dock that connects to the input of your TV. This of course allows you to play Switch on your Television.

Table Top Mode:

Table top mode allows you to remove the console from the TV dock and place it on a solid surface. This allows you to travel with the console. Its also handy with playing local multiplayer games.

Handheld Mode:

Handheld mode allow you to connect the two Joy-Con controllers to the console and play the game as one handheld system. It sort of reminds me of a Sega Game Gear when it’s all connected. The screen itself is 720p resolution.

Nintendo Switch also allows you to connect up to 8 devices at one time for local multiplayer games

The controllers are called Joy cons. The system comes with two Joy-cons that can work independently or together. Both come with analog sticks and Y,B,X,A,L,R buttons.

The Joy-cons also have an integrated button that allows you to take an instant screenshot of your game with video recording coming in a later update. You can share these screenshots and videos on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The controllers also come with a NFC writer as well as motion sensor technology. The rumble pack called HD rumble allows you to feel immersed in the games you play.

Nintendo will be releasing two color versions of the console. One will come with neon Red and neon blue controllers while the other will come in all gray.


Of course the big question is can Nintendo provide games to complement Switch. Nintendo announced some new games and showed them off during the press event

The first game shown off was called 1/2 Switch. This game is pretty much an old west draw showdown that you can play with face to face interaction while not even looking at the console itself. 1/2 Switch will release on March 3, the same date as the console.

Other games include

Arms – Releasing in Spring 2017

Splatoon releasing in Summer 2017

Super Mario Odyssey releasing Holidays 2017

Legend Of Zelda (Breath of the Wild) Releasing March 3

Other games currently haven’t received a general release time such as XenoBlade2, Skyrim, FIFA, NBA 2K 2018.

Below are the current companies that have signed on to develop games for Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo Switch will release on March 3. Preorders start as soon as January 21 in Japan. For the rest of us in the USA, stores such as BestBuy, Wal-Mart and GameStop are already trying to get ahead of the pack by taking preorders as of right now. The console with retail for $299.99.

You can check out the full presentation of the Nintendo Switch below.

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