Xbox has announced date for E3 Press Conference

Xbox has announced date for E3 Press Conference

Xbox has decided to change it up this year.

Microsoft has always gone big at E3 and this year will be no different. Well.. maybe a little different. Xbox will now hold their annual E3 presentation on June 11 at 2 PM PDT.

Expectations this year for Microsoft is extremely high. Sure, we are going to see new game announcements, demos, and Xbox Live updates, but the main attraction will be the Project Scorpio news.

Since this time last year, Project Scorpio has been on the top of everyone’s minds. Release dates, hardware, specs, cost, games for the new system, as well as, the official name of the new console should all come to light.

Microsoft has done a great job of keeping things tucked close to the vest over the course of the year. Since E3 doesn’t officially get under way until June 13, I suspect that moving the date to June 11 is a way of getting out in front of the leaks that typically occur around that time.

As we get closer to E3 will let you know our expectations of this year’s press conference.

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