Xbox Game Pass Coming soon!

Xbox Game Pass Coming soon!

Microsoft is ready to take aim at subscription based services by offering Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft is rolling out a subscription service to rival the likes of Gamefly and EA Access. With subscription based services on the rise, its was only a mater of time before major gaming industries such as Microsoft throw its hat into the ring.


“One of the best things about Xbox Game Pass is that you can discover and download the full titles directly on your Xbox One. That means continuous, full-fidelity gameplay without having to worry about streaming, bandwidth or connectivity issues.” – Phil Spencer

Currently, you will not need an Xbox Live Gold membership to participate, however, you will not be able to play multiplayer games online if you choose to forgo the exclusive membership.
Xbox Game Pass will roll out later this spring with the retail value of $9.99 per month. The new subscription service is currently in beta and currently only open to select members of the  Xbox insiders Program on the Alpha Ring.
So far, Microsoft has announced a few high profile games such as Halo 5, Mad Max, NBA 2K16, and Lego Batman to name a few. It will be interesting to see if they will add new releases in the future. I believe if Microsoft can find a way to add new releases, that may chance the landscape of how we receive our games.

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