Xbox One update brings Beam to the console

Xbox One update brings Beam to the console

Xbox One’s new dashboard launched today and here is what’s new

The Xbox button on the controller no longer brings you back to the home screen. It will activate a sidebar that houses your most used apps, games and pins. Sadly, there are now more clicks to get to the home screen instead of the one click from the Xbox button.

The good part of this is that it’s now easier for gamers that opted out of using Kinect to record clips of games. When clicking on the Xbox button, you will now see an option to record your latest moments.

Speaking of recording, Xbox gamers can now access Beam from the side menu. This will allow you to stream your games, similar to using Twitch. Considering the fact that Microsoft wants to make everything PC friendly, it was just a matter of time before Beam hit the console. PC gamers are already familiar with Beam as it’s popularity has been picking up steam.

You can now rock out while you play games on the Xbox One. You can now stream your music from dedicated music apps. The music will play in the background while taking in one of your favorite games.

Cortana also received a nice update. You can now get your notifications directly to your console. Gamers can also create notifications from the Xbox as well. These notices will appear on your phone, PC, and console.

The update didn’t come without its hiccups. Once I downloaded the newest update, my console no longer connected to Xbox Live. Normally I would have chalked it up to bad timing, however, my other Xbox One, that had not gone thru the update, had no issues. Download with caution!

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