All Xbox FanFest tickets Voided for today

All Xbox FanFest tickets Voided for today

Microsoft ran into a few issues this morning during the FanFest ticket Event.

It appears that the Xbox FanFest came to a screeching halt after Microsoft was rumored to have given away more tickets to their event than they had room for.

The first wave seemed to kick off beautifully with everyone confirming they received tickets for the upcoming event. Soon after, we noticed that we were seeing more FanFest confirmations than the 100 tickets that were supposed to be handed out during that morning wave.

Microsoft immediately took down the announcement that there was another wave scheduled for 9am PT (12 ET).

When the dust cleared, Larry Hryb has now announced that due to the glitch in the site, they have voided all tickets that were confirmed today. So if you thought you were one of the lucky ones, you may have to try you luck again.

There are already hundreds of people who have booked their flights to Los Angeles after receiving their congrats message. Given that most of airlines tickets are non-refundable, its hard not to feel bad for those who thought they won.

It’s extremely hard not to feel emotional one way or the other. On one hand, some woke up extremely early (depending on your time zone) while others were waiting for a future wave of tickets to come out.

So what now?

Everyone who thought they scored tickets will be getting a direct email from Xbox to try to smooth things over. The ticket giveaway will be scheduled for another day.

Be sure to continue to follow #Xboxfanfest @Xbox to get up to date info on when the tickets will be available. We suspect that they will be back up and running in a day or two.


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