Xbox FanFest tickets will drop April 26… Again!

Xbox FanFest tickets will drop April 26… Again!

Lets try this again! Xbox will drop all of Xbox FanFest tickets on April 26. Fingers crossed.

Xbox has announced it’s Groundhogs Day version of distributing Xbox FanFest tickets.

The process is the same but hopefully it will come with less drama. As we recall a few days ago, too many tickets were reportedly given out causing Xbox to void all tickets for that day.

Xbox will do away with the 100 ticket drop every few hours and just drop all the tickets at once.

“Per Major Nelson:To ensure all fans have enough time to plan for this moment, we’re scheduling it next week on Wednesday, April 26th at 9am PT.  To streamline our approach after yesterday’s error, all 400 tickets will be available, all at once, starting at 9am PT.  Tickets remain first-come, first-serve, one ticket per-person”

While Microsoft will not honor any of the tickets previously given out, they are sending those prior ticket holders a token of their appreciation.

All 400 tickets will drop on April 26 @ 9am PT(12pm ET)

Good luck to all!

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