Console Gaming: GameStop, GameFly, Or Digital Download?

Console Gaming: GameStop, GameFly, Or Digital Download?

With the current technology, how do you get your console gaming fix?

Today its easier than ever to buy, rent, and play games. From pop-up stores to downloading games directly to the console, we break down the pros and cons of each.


Physically going into the store the buy your games is starting to become a lost art. GameStop has already begun the process of closing down stores worldwide to combat the less than stellar 2016 holiday sales.

The good thing about GameStop is that you can get your hands on a physical copy of a game. If there’s a bundle, even better. Midnight releases give gamers an opportunity to talk face to face with other gamers that admire the same games.

Sadly, that’s where the love of GameStop ends. The in-store tournaments have become lost on most stores. The trade in value of those physical copies tend to be a flat-out joke. For example, if I bought a copy of the latest game, play it for a week and return it, you will most likely receive a fraction of the value. $60 some how becomes $25. The store then goes forth to resell it for full value.

Gamers tend to feel swindled when buying and selling games. I suspect that with the dwindling loyalty to GameStop, an increasing number of store closures of the next few years is highly likely.


GameFly has been a decent option for many years. You can choose from thousands of games using the website or dedicated app. You can choose to rent or buy your games.

Renting your games are pretty simple. add all the games you want to play to your queue and rank them by popularity. Most likely, the games in your top three to five will be highly considered as long as the game has been released and available.

Should you get the urge to keep the game, you can simply click the buy option. If you already have the game at home, the case will be mailed to you along with the next available game on your list. Depending on your tenure, you can receive monthly discounts on your purchased games.

GameFly doesn’t come without its flaws. The company seems to always have a limited supply of games. You want the latest Call Of Duty or Madden game, good luck! Want in on release day? Not gonna happen.

I actually returned a Netflix DVD as well as a GameFly game on the same day. Netflix received my DVD as well as delivered the next movie before GameFly acknowledged that it received the game I returned. It takes GameFly a few days to remove the returned game from my queue and another few days to send a new one out.

There were times it took well over a month to receive a game back. In my view, not receiving a game for an entire month, yet paying a monthly charge seems unacceptable. In my opinion, if GameFly fails to send you a game for an entire month, you should not be charged for that month of service.

Digital Downloads

We live in a world of convenience. Digital downloads gives us just that. Being able to purchase a game directly from your console has become a game changer. Gone are the days when you had to go into a store to grab the latest game. No more braving the rain, sleet and snow. The store is now at your finger tips and open 24 hours a day.

Pre-ordering the next blockbuster is now just a click away. Considering that digital downloads never sell out, some wonder why there is even a pre-order option. Sure some games give extra pre-order content, however there’s not enough extra content that would warrant pre-orders.

The downside of digital content is that a good chunk of games now require internet access. If you are in a place without WiFi and want to download your game, good luck. You can pop in a physical copy with most games. Xbox Live tends to also affect a lot of games as well.

There’s no trading in games for any type of value. You load it, you own it. You can however let a friend or relative play the game on their console. Simply add them to your family in the setup menu and they will have access to load the games that you own to their Xbox. Its doesn’t work flawlessly, but its a pretty good first step.

Future Notable

Xbox Game Pass is on its way and should be live petty soon. Just as digital downloads are eliminating the need for stores like GameStop, Game Pass will most likely do the same to GameFly.

If done right, having the ability to essentially rent games instead of buying them can be devastating to the competition. Sure Game Pass will start off small with a few older titles, but at some point I see it venturing into newly released titles. Digitally renting a game instead of waiting a month to have a rental shipped to you seems like a no-brainer.

So whats your option if you had to choose? Tell us your experiences with these options. I would love to know if they are different from what I have experienced.


  1. is where I get my games

  2. digital or walmart and best buy.

    let gamespot die.


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