Microsoft to officially launch Xbox Game Pass on June 1st

Microsoft to officially launch Xbox Game Pass on June 1st

Xbox Live Gold Members can access Xbox Game Pass now with a 14 day free trial.

With only weeks away from E3, Microsoft has decided to get a head start on getting Xbox Game Pass in the hands of its gamers. While the official launch is scheduled for June 1, Gold members can get an early jump on the new subscription.

The monthly cost for the membership will cost $9.99 at launch. You can experience Xbox Game Pass for 2 weeks before paying a dime. After the 2 week trial, your card on file will be charged if you fail to cancel.

Xbox Game Pass is set to challenge outlets such as Gamefly. The convenience factor with having the game at your fingertips is a huge deal. Instead of waiting to get a game mailed, you can download it right away.

Will Game Pass take off?

Xbox Game Pass will not come without its challenges. Currently there are over 100 titles to choose from, but a lot of them are old titles including Xbox 360 titles. Until Microsoft is able to make deals with these developers to bring current and new titles to Game Pass, it will struggle to take off.

I have high hopes that Microsoft can get these deals done and make Game Pass a force in the game rental industry. So far the biggest game added is Halo 5.

We will continue to monitor its progress and let you know our thoughts after we have had a few months sorting thru out whatever pitfalls may occur.

Will you be trying out the new subscription service? Let us know your thoughts.

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