UBIE3: Ubisoft Confirms E3 Press Event Date

UBIE3: Ubisoft Confirms E3 Press Event Date

Ubisoft set to host its E3 Press Event (UBIE3) on June 12 @ 1PM ET.

Ubisoft’s press events are usually pretty eventful and this year will most likely be no different. UBIE3 is set to take place at Orpheum Theatre.

With E3 less than a month away, Ubisoft were one of the hold outs that had not released their plans for E3 until today. Due to the energy and games Ubisoft provides during its events, it’s usually perceived as one of the more fun press events every year.

We assume there will be the same list of characters attending. It would be a disappointment if Aisha Tyler didn’t run the show. She has done a fantastic job for the last few years.

We will give you our list of what to expect from Ubisoft at this years event. Obviously South Park will play a big part.

As soon as we gather more info, we will share the love. Check back with us soon as we gather more details of the upcoming E3 event.


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