A Story is born thru Madden NFL18

A Story is born thru Madden NFL18

EA is bringing a new story mode to Madden NFL18.


E3 news kicks off with a bang. As EA Play opens up, a story is being told. Madden NFL18 will feature its first story mode.

The longshot trailer was one of the first things EA released in its EA Play bash. It shows a young and upcoming college star, taking us thru the journey of becoming an NFL star.

Texas was the only school we saw mentioned in the trailer however I would suspect that there are more schools to choose from.

“After three years away from the game, play as former five-star high school quarterback, Devin Wade, as he takes one last shot to hear his name called on NFL Draft day.”

Will this new story mode work for Madden? Time will tell. It’s obvious that EA felt FIFA story mode was a success despite the negative feedback early on. Maybe they finally fine tuned the formula to make this a more enjoyable experience.

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