Day Two is in the books for E3 2017

Day Two is in the books for E3 2017

Ubisoft leaves a good impression on Day 2 of E3 2017.

With Day two coming to a close, things are starting to get back to normal. Even security has gotten slightly better.

I spent most of my time today with Ubisoft. So let’s go over what I saw today.

The day started as normal with long lines and pushy fans. At this point, most booths have learned from yesterdays disaster by creating better line management to ease traffic flow. Booths seemed easier to navigate thru today.

FarCry 5

My first stop of the day was Far Cry 5. Its something about playing this game in 4K that really brings the game to life. It took a minute to master controlling the dog but once you get the hang of the controls, it gets much easier.

FarCry 5 looks to be a beast. I can’t wait for us to get more hands on. You get maybe 10 minute in the booth which is not enough to get a good grasp.

Crew 2

I was able to tackle Crew 2 next. It looks great but you just cant get a handle on the game itself. Crew 2 was more of a playable promo than a demo. Ubisoft takes you thru a car, boat, and plane race. 

Each race transitions itself into the next race. While it was nice to get some sort of hands on, the Crew 2 demo didn’t really give any details of the actual game itself.

Madden NFL 18

I ventured back over to Microsoft to tackle Madden NFL18. I am a Madden fan as some of you already know , so it was a must to get my hands on this game.

Madden NFL18 was …. Well… Madden! I really didn’t see much of a difference from last year. The only difference the spokesman could point out was the new career mode (which wasn’t available to play).

I decided to wonder over to PlayStation today and their booth is massive. Their booth makes Xbox look like they were pulled from a cracker jack box.

PlayStation Booth

The lines were too massive to get any gameplay in. PlayStation doesn’t allow photography in their booth… whatever!

I have to say that I am quite jealous of the games in PlayStation’s booth. From Battlefront to Detroit, they really have some great games. Sadly, to experience them, you will need to set up an appointment. To setup an appointment, you need to down load the PlayStation app and select the games you want to play. If you didn’t do that before the show opened, tough luck.

Since I couldn’t play anything in the Playstation booth, I tip-toed over to Nintendo. Nintendo lines were wrapped around PlayStations lines. Nintendo was giving hands on for their new Mario & Rabbids game due out for the Nintendo Switch.


FIFA 18 was also available to play for those who were brave enough to spend an entire day in line. FIFA of course, can be played on console as well as Nintendo Switch.

All in All, even with minimal games played, I feel good about today. I got to see some great games that will most likely be blockbusters this year and early next year.

It’s a wrap for today. It’s on to day 3 tomorrow.


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