Day One of E3 2017 Expo Hall is in the books

Day One of E3 2017 Expo Hall is in the books

Day One of E3 was hard to forget for some while painful to remember for others.


The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) opened its doors to the public for the first time today. While historic, it was also a nightmare for most attendees.

Even before the doors opened, the Expo appeared to be in disarray. Thousands flooded the Convention Center; many for the first time. Just getting through the door was no small task.

No Outside Presence

With minimal security outside the center, many were left confused on how to line up, while attendees with media passes were confused on if they were supposed to line up at all. The minimalistic security available didn’t see to have any answers.

You would think that security would be at an all time high with all things considered. With terror attacks all over the globe, it would have been nice to feel more protected.

Once the doors opened, it got even worse. Attendees packed the entrance like a herd of cows. I’ve seen sardines with more room in a can than in the Convention Center. Pretty hectic.

Bumper to Bumper

Lines for the most popular games at E3 were already capped for the day. To play Call Of Duty WWII, you had to spend the entire day in that line alone. The not so popular games also had an hour 1/2 wait on average.

All was not lost. If you chose to forgo the chance to play the most popular games, you may have been able to play around three titles. I was able to play Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. It was an hour wait, however, the Activision booth did a good job with stage entertainment to keep us in decent spirits.

Below is a short summary of our day one rummage through the Convention Center show room.


I absolutely love the fact that E3 has opened the doors to the public, however, 15 thousand extra bodies may have been a bit too much to handle. Look for E3 to dial it back a few hundred attendees next year.

What’s your opinion on the subject? Was it a mistake to open the Expo to the public?

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