Microsoft announces the Xbox One X

Microsoft announces the Xbox One X

Xbox One X is set to launch November 7 in time for the holidays.

Microsoft launches their new console. Once code-named Project Scorpio, now becomes Xbox One X. As expected, it has become the talk of E3 and rightfully so.

Its power is something we already knew. Actually, we knew quite a bit about the Xbox One X except for the name itself and the games that will be played on it.

Microsoft debuted over 42 games. Every game introduced will run in 4K on the new Xbox One X. Even more, your older games for the Xbox One are compatible. In fact, they will actually run smoother.

The Xbox One X looks familiar? Well it should. Aside from the color, the Xbox One X looks just like the Xbox One S. I can see this being an issue around Christmas time when little Timmy ask for a Xbox One S but mom brings home an Xbox One S. More than likely, the console will come in different colors after its initial launch.


We covered specs before as they were previously released but below is a refresher.


6 Teraflops, 326GB/s of Memory Bandwidth and advanced, custom silicon

Advanced liquid cooling and the supercharger-style centrifugal fan

8 Gigabytes of Flash Memory

1TB HDD Storage

12 GB of GDDR5




DTS 5.1 /Dolby Digital 5.1 /PCM 2.0,5.1,7.1

Bluetooth/ WIFI/ IR Blaster

Preorders for the Xbox One X hasn’t been announced yet. We will let you know once that info becomes available. If history proved anything, it’s that the console will most likely sell out even before it hits stores. Anyone that doesn’t preorder will be left in the dark until after the holidays.

Has Microsoft done enough to make you drop $500 bucks on their new console? Let us know how you feel?

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