Most impressive titles from E3 were not from Xbox…Again!

Most impressive titles from E3 were not from Xbox…Again!

For Xbox fans, the most exciting game of E3 may not be an Xbox title.

In fact, the two biggest titles may be PlayStation exclusives. It makes me sad to say this but I can’t hide the truth. Sure, hardware title belongs to the Microsoft’s Xbox One X, but the exclusives are a different story.

PlayStation seems to have run away with the title again with action packed exclusives that caught the eye of even the most die-hard Xbox fans. Lets go over two that really made this a runaway.


Spider-Man wasn’t t a surprise going in. We have seen glimpses of the title last year and it wowed us then. After releasing its newest trailer, I couldn’t help but to think “wow, this belongs on an Xbox One X”.

Sure, there have been many Spider-man games in years past, however, its something about this newest rendition that screams ‘Man they got this one right!’. The gameplay was extremely smooth and refreshing. The graphics were top-notch, and the interaction with the open world map was stellar.

There are still some questions on the actual story, as well as a few other things, however, between now and 2018, I’m sure more will be revealed.


Then there is the android, cyber command-ish, all hail Skynet thriller, Detroit. I didn’t get a chance to go hands on with Detroit but I was able to watch the developers showcase the web-slinger in one of their many theater rooms during E3.

Detroit is based on androids being fed up with taking orders from humans. Marcus, played by Grey’s Anatomy star and activist, Jessie Williams, leads the revolt for the right to have free will. The game will feed off the decisions you make. Each decision has consequences.

The story itself really caught my attention. Visually, Detroit kind of reminded me of Division. Of course, that’s were the comparisons end. This is a title that will be a must play for me. Detroit looks amazing and I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.

If there were any reason for me to buy a Playstation, outside of Uncharted and Horizon Zero Dawn, these games may have just given that reason. Sure Xbox Halo, Crackdown 3 and Forza 7; but wow, Playstation really is starting to set that bar high.

Now before you go jumping on me, I am still an Xbox lover. With the emergence of the new Xbox One X, I can see developers finally making that push to jump on board to the most powerful console to date. Lets hope it’s sooner than later.


  1. They looked okay. I have a Pro myself and truth be told i am not interested in either title. IF Detroit is anything like Quantic Dreams previous title then it wont be nothing special. As for Spiderman all i saw was nothing but QTE’s. PASS! Now Anthem, State of Decay 2 and Forza 7 looked amazing. Sorry but those two titles mentioned on this article aint got poop on those three titles.

  2. All those millions SONY spends in owning AAA game companies and making AAA games which Microsoft does a lot less probably does not result in owning top notch E3 exclusives games…
    I love the Xbox, but common!!.
    The 900p 1080p debacle is NOT the main reason xbox sails are trailing so far behind..
    We are getting stumped by VR exclusives and general game exclusives on and on..
    We need to be truthful to ourself or things will not change (Microsoft would not care in spending more to make AAA exclusives, because not investing is making more money out of each sold xbox)


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