NBA Live18 makes an Appearance at E3

NBA Live18 makes an Appearance at E3

EA announced that NBA Live 18 will release this year.

After taking a few years off, EA has vowed not to throw in the towel yet when it comes to its NBA title.

I will admit, I have been a fan of NBA Live since I was in middle school. It was considered the pioneer to the games we see today. We gradually saw graphics and gameplay get better and better.

The last decade has belonged to NBA2K hands down. But EA hopes to change that this year. They took a few years off to fine tune some things so that they can bring the best product to its fans.

NBA Live18 will release its demo in August and most likely release the full game a few days later.

NBA Live18 will be one of the few announced games by EA that will not be playable during E3.

Are you still NBA Live fans? Are you willing to give the once dominant franchise another change? Let us know how you feel.

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