PlayStations Spider-Man leaves E3 with more questions than answers

PlayStations Spider-Man leaves E3 with more questions than answers

PlayStation releases new trailer for Spider-man.

Yes, this Average Xbox Gamer does like PlayStation games. So sue me. Just because I like Wendy’s doesn’t mean I hate McDonald’s.

Back on track. PlayStation’s Spider-man looks absolutely awesome. The game seems to flow very well. We can’t wait to get our hands on it, however, it’s not coming out until 2018. That’s a bummer! We saw trailers for it last year so why isn’t it done yet?

Open World?

Does Spider-man have an open world map? That’s a valid question right? The game could go from cool to great with an open world map. I suspect it’s an open world game but we saw none of that in the latest trailer.



Does Miles play a bigger role or just a cameo? PlayStation teased Miles during a cut scene in the Spider-Man trailer. It would be nice to see him incorporated in the game.


Whats the story? I mean, is he being blackmailed by KingPin? We really could not get a handle on where the story was going.

Release date?

We hoped that this game would have been ready by now. The Spider-Man movie will be releasing soon. Even though there will probably be no tie-in, it would have been a great PR move.

I hoped that PlayStation would have taken the time to bring developers out to talk about their games and give us their interpretation of what they were going for. Don’t get me wrong, its nice to see trailers, but connecting with the games and its developers is what E3 was made for. We got none of that.

Spider-man hits Playstation sometime in 2018. As always, I have to give kudos for PlayStation making this an Exclusive. Man, I wish that this was on an Xbox One X.

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