Does Xbox One X have the games to make it worth the Price?

Does Xbox One X have the games to make it worth the Price?

Xbox One X is not worth the price if the games don’t match.

We already know that the Xbox One X, formally known as Project Scorpio, brings the house down with power. But, the console is only as good as the games it produces.

Backwards Compatibility

Compatibility is huge considering but expected. Sure it wowed me while I was there but after the bright lights turned off it was …meh. I mean, its expected right? we expect our games to be backwards compatible between the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X. My antenna perked up when they said original Xbox titles will be backwards compatible. While I can’t really name many original that I was fond of,(I was into PlayStation at that time) it was very unexpected.


Everyone, including Microsoft knew they needed games to sell their new console with confidence. So the gave us 42 games to wow us. Twenty-two of those games are Xbox exclusives. While I am not going to go thru all 42 games, I will give you what caught my eye.

Forza Motorsport 7

Release Date: October 3


Assassins Creed

Release Date October 27

State Of Decay

Release Date: Spring 2018

CrackDown 3

Release date: November 7

Life is Strange

Release Date: August 31


Release Date: 2018


There are so many other games that were reveled that it would be impossible to name them all. Seeing these release videos are great, but to see them live on the stage at Xbox E3 in full 4K was unbelievable.

What games were you excited to see? What games did buy want to see but wasn’t announced yet? Let us know.

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