NBA 2K18 upgrades the MyGM Experience

NBA 2K18 upgrades the MyGM Experience

MyGM is set to get a storybook ending with this years NBA 2K18.

Now that the cover athletes have been announced ,and NBA 2K18 is in its final development stage, its time to rollout the developer blogs.

I admit, outside of server updates, I could not wrap my head around anything that would make NBA 2K18 that more real. Between MyCareer, MyLeague, and online franchise mode, what more could you possibly want? An updated MyGM mode?

That’s right! MyGM has gotten an overhaul. This mode will now feature a story mode similar to MyCareer. Instead of playing out the life of a rising NBA star, you will be taking on the front office of a NBA team.

Senior producer, Erick Boenisch breaks it all down in his blog for NBA 2K18. I won’t go thru the entire blog as its pretty detailed. It’s a great read for NBA 2K fans. The NBA is pretty complicated in its own right. Erick does a great job breaking it down 2K style.

MyGM Story Mode

MyGM is no longer a clone version of MyLeague. While you also had player feeling come into play last year, this year’s MyGM appears to take it to the next level. Your interviews and player intervention will play a bigger part of your success. Your decisions will follow you throughout your career.

Erick made it clear, there will be a story mode, however the your decisions will map your success without getting in the way of how you build your team. Sure the owner may give you a few demands, but player personal including free agents and draft picks are your to control.

Super Max Contracts

NBA 2K18 will also have Super Max contracts this year(Thanks Steph Curry!). While Super Max is in its infancy, NBA 2K18 decided it was time to jump on it quickly. I will be honest, I’m still a bit confused on how the contracts work but its clear that these contracts are only for the best of the best.

International Draft Prospects

In the upcoming release of NBA 2K18, you can now draft international players that may not play for you right away.

Select international prospects in draft classes will be flagged with the number of years they will remain ‘overseas’ before they are free from their current professional contract and are eligible to sign with your team. says Boenisch.

This feature brings a new element never seen in a game. I applaud 2K for going the extra mile to make NBA 2K18 as real as it can be.

NBA 2K18 cuts no corners when it comes to the authenticity of their NBA 2K franchise. The always seem to bring everything to the table year in and year out. I touched on a few of the features that really caught my eye but you can read the full 2K blog here.

What are you looking forward to with NBA 2K18? Do you appreciate the authenticity of this years version? Or has it gotten too complicated to play? Let me know how you feel and if you plan on picking up NBA 2K18 this year.

NBA 2K18 will launch September 19 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For those who pre-order, they will gain early access to the game on September 15. The Legend Edition is $99.99. The Legend Edition Gold is $149.99.

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