Mafia III: Sign Of the Times is Out Now

Mafia III: Sign Of the Times is Out Now

2K released its 3rd story DLC Mafia III Sign Of the Times. See gameplay here!


Are you still playing Mafia III? Ok… let’s be honest, most of you aren’t. but if you were, you will be happy to know that new content is now available.

To be quite honest, I have enjoyed the DLC’s so far. Sure they are all glitchy in one way or another but what DLC isn’t?  From Faster, Baby Faster, to Stone Unturned, the have all been great extensions to the original game.

Before you judge me on the gameplay below for Mafia III, just note that I haven’t played in a long time, so not remembering the controls were on complete display.

Signs Of the Times:

Haunted by the murder of his surrogate family, Lincoln joins Father James at Sammy’s to find closure. But on their arrival, they collide with a deranged cult using sites of suffering and loss for human sacrifices and ritualistic horrors. With all-new vehicles, weapons, and investigative tools, Lincoln plunges deep into this dark world of drugs and violence to end the cult’s reign of terror and just maybe find his own kind of peace.

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