Who Really Won Gamers Hearts at E3 2017

Who Really Won Gamers Hearts at E3 2017

Now that the dust has settled and ‘in the moment reviews’ are done, who really came out on top at E3 2017? Lets find out.

I have been to E3, and sat thru a handful of press conferences. From Xbox to Ubisoft, from PlayStation to Electronic Arts, we have seen them all. Who won? Lets find out.


As expected, Microsoft showed off its Xbox One X console. As a mater of fact, they jumped out the gate with it. There was no build up or “One more Thing” quotes. It was up front and center. Bam! Here is your new Xbox One X.

After announcing the worst kept secret at E3, Microsoft then turned to games. Forty-Two games o be exact according to Phil Spencer. We saw world premier after world premier. Games were in stunning 4K Ultra HD and running on the Xbox One X console. To see it live on stage felt intoxicating.

Exclusives are a different story. One of the biggest sticking points coming into E3 was that Microsoft needed to show off exclusive games to sell the Xbox One X. In my opinion, the missed the mark. Most games appeared to be too kid friendly, not catering to the gamers that will most likely be purchasing the newest console.


PlayStation didn’t drop any hardware. Sony’s pure focus was on games this year. They opened with a beautiful exclusive with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Sony then transitioned seamlessly into Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.

After that the hits just kept coming. And not only hits, but exclusive hits. Sony introduced Days Gone, Detroit, and Spider-man. All of these games looked very well put together. They weren’t kids games either, they were games adults would love.

The one knock I had regarding PlayStation’s press conference wasn’t the amount of games they showed, but that there was no developers available to talk about their game. I enjoy hearing the developers vision and inspiration behind the game. Sadly we didn’t see any of that.


Ubisoft kicked things off with a bombshell of a game. Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The game was actually the most talked about game during all of E3. The lines to play this game had to be at least 3 hours long.

Of course anything Mario related will get a ton of attention, but Ubisoft, in true Ubisoft fashion, let the games fly. Assassins Creed, Far Cry 2, and South Park were the primary headliners of the conference.

Ubisoft did most things right. When each presenter/developer entered the stage, the stage lights lit up as if they had their own custom stage to show of their game. The developers in attendance were more than happy to talk about their game in great detail.

The only flaw I saw in Ubisoft’s press conference was the way the showed off Assassins Creed. For a game that has been a staple of Ubisoft’s history, its sad that Xbox was able to show off the game better than Ubisoft. Showing the game on a small PC monitor? Com’on man!



Remember when EA was all about the sports games? Madden and FIFA were always the main attraction? Not anymore. While those games are still hold their own, Star Wars Battlefront was all the buzz these past few years, and rightfully so.

Electronic Arts kicked things off with a few Tom Brady jersey wearing drummer boys. EA went on to introduce Long Shot, a Madden 2018 story mode. They didn’t go into great detail about it so if you blinked you may have missed it.

EA went on to show of updates to Battlefield 1 and new gameplay from FIFA 2018,NBA Live 18(Wait what?) and of course, Star Wars Battlefront II.

The downward spiral of a great presentation started when, YouTube personality, Jesse Wellens took the stage. Apparently he forgot how to read a teleprompter. Stumbling over lines has he tried to introduce Need For Speed: Payback. Need For Speed has been a staple for a long time. Sadly, it deserved better.

E3 can’t be complete without an exclusive premier. A Way Out is EA’s new exclusive. It looks pretty good and has a great concept, however, I will reserve judgement for our hands on experience.

After giving some love to the power of the new Xbox One X, EA turned the floor over to Star Wars Battlefront for an entire 30 minutes of gameplay. I have to admit, I have never seen a presentation devote so much time to one game but that is exactly what happened. In my opinion, it was an extreme overkill moment.

Outside of a few hiccups during the conference, EA had a solid outing at E3.

Presentation Award:


Was there even a doubt? They really showed of their games with great detail. The stage itself would have given them the honor alone.

Best Games Award:


Were PlayStation lacked in presentation, they made up for with exclusives. Sony sold their PlayStation without ever even mentioning it. The games literally did the talking.

Best Hardware:


Microsoft was the only company to announce any hardware so they kinda get it by default. However, the Xbox One X would have been hard to top by any consoles standard.

 Best Gameplay

Electronic Arts took this award. The 30 minute demo of Star Wars Battlefront II was indeed overkill, however, no one else had the guts to lay it all on the line as they did.

Parting Shots

Each conference mentioned had their moment, they all also had their flaws. If you could combine each of these press conference it would have had more of a complete feel. There’s no doubt that each of these companies cut cost in different ways this year.The question is, will it continue in the coming years?

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