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Is the second as good as the first? We dig into Batman: Children Of Arkham.


Batman:The TellTale series has captivated gamers everywhere looking for something different. Children Of Arkham adds more drama and even bigger decisions right from the start.20160923192921-mp4-00_14_40_13-still005

Children Of Arkham brings a new story revolving around the death of the Wayne’s and their involvement in the corruption of Gotham that led to their demise.


I won’t spend much time talking about graphics as it really hasn’t changed much since the Realm Of Shadows review. Everything still has that comic book feel that we all enjoy. The character movements could still use a little work. The characters still walk like there is something stuck up their butts, but I digress.20160923195613-mp4-00_01_45_11-still002


The story itself its very good. It really gets into the friendship circle surrounding Harvey Dent, Cat Woman and Bruce Wayne. In this episode, hard choices will have to be made and friendships will either be stronger, or become unraveled based on your decisions. In Batman: Children Of Arkham, the story kicks off with Bruce in an alley remembering the night his parents were murdered.20160923192921-mp4-00_08_39_29-still002

After remembering vivid details of how his parents were gun down, Bruce pays a visit to Falcone to get answers to why a hit was put out on his family, and that’s when things turn south.

I won’t go into much further detail regarding the story in Children Of Arkham, so that it’s not spoiled for those who have yet to play it. But the story is beautifully written and performs like a master piece when playing the game. Being a billionaire by day and a dark knight by night means that you have tough decisions to make. This episode really lets you in on how tough those decisions can be.20160923200031-mp4-00_01_24_17-still002


The gameplay itself has gotten better with small changes. There appear to be more consequences for not getting some fight scene sequences wrong. Not performing a sequence or hitting the wrong button will result in your fatality. It doesn’t happen on all occasions, but it happens enough to make you take notice.20160923200031-mp4-00_02_45_06-still005

While we are still not seeing the effects of the decisions that were made in episode one as much as we like, after playing episode 2, we can imagine that a nice portion of Episode 3 will be based on the decisions made in episode 2. Those that have already played Children Of Arkham will know what I mean.


Once all episodes are released, we will revisit all  episodes and write a review based on the game in its entirety

Batman: Episode 3 ‘New World Order’ is set to release on October 25 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



  • Engaging Story
  • Good Graphics and Cut Scenes
  • Great cast and acting


  • Choices really don't affect the game as much
  • Player movement could still be better