Ben-Hur Game Review

Xbox One

Is Ben-Hur for Xbox One worth the price tag of Free? Lets take the reins and find out.

Ben-Hur the game, looks to just be a marketing ploy to get people to see the movie. But its a game none the less. So since AOL has the guts to put out this game, we will review it.


Ben-Hur is based on the upcoming movie the dawns the same name. So much so, that it plays the movie trailer as soon as you fire up the game. Basically, the movie revolves around the Romans racing chariots around the arena. First to finish wins, last to finish dies.20160809133009.mp4.00_00_00_00.Still001


Visually, Ben-Hur is ok. I’ve seen way worse. It’s obvious that this game wasn’t meant to bring in much income, so I wont harp on the graphics too much. There is a little cut-scene when you kill an opponent on the track, which is nice. Sadly, that may be the best part of the game.20160809133009.mp4.00_06_05_26.Still007


Gameplay is where Ben-Hur struggles mightily. The game itself is around twenty minutes long. Its two laps around the track. That’s it. There are no levels, no new tracks, no different chariots to choose from, no different color horses to choose; the list can go on and on.

You start off in the starting block and once the horn sounds, you’re off to the races. You get very few buttons. Left trigger to whip the opponents to the left and the right trigger does the same to the opponents on the right. You also have a button to encourage your horses to move faster.

It may be simpler just to take out all your opponents before you get to the finish line.20160809133009.mp4.00_06_10_22.Still008


The best thing going for this game is that its free. Even with it’s free price I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone. If you have time on your hands with nothing to do, do something else. I played this game so that you wouldn’t have to.

Ben-Hur is what we call click bait. They will entice you with a game with Free stamped on the front just to get you to see the trailer. Lets just hope, and pray that the movie itself gets a better review.


  • It's Free


  • Only 20 Minutes long
  • Moving mechanics needs some work
  • No customization
  • Click Bait promo game