Ghostbusters Game Review

Strap on your proton packs. Its time to see where Ghostbusters rank on the PKE meter.

The Ghostbuster movies have been deemed classics by most movie buffs. The release of the all woman cast of Ghostbusters has reopened the door to a newer generation of Ghostbuster fans.


Story? There really isn’t one. It’s just four characters banning together to fight ghost. Usually when a video game holding the same title as the movie release around the same time, you would think there was some sort of tie in. Not in this case. In fact, the only time I heard this game reference any part of the movie was in the opening cut scene. Some sort of back story on the characters would have been nice to have.20160808132000.mp4.Still0022


If you’ve seen the Ghostbusters cartoons in the past, these graphics are slightly better. You can click on the video in the header and judge for yourself. It’s nothing to write home about but it’s not bad either. The cut-scenes look as if they could be plugged right into a Disney channel cartoon show.20160808132000.mp4.Still003


Gameplay is where things really turn for the worst. I’ve never seen a Ghostbuster bring a gun to a ghost fight, but that’s exactly what this game did. Apparently these proton packs turn into a different weapon depending on the character you are controlling. There didn’t appear to be a dedicated aim button for these proton guns. It actually felt like an old Contra game after while. Don’t get me wrong, I like Contra. But I thought we moved past those Sega Gen day.

Ghostbusters appears to be pretty repetitive. Sure there were different ghost, but catching them is no different from the next. You shoot the ghost until the meter runs out, hit them with the proton pack, slam 2 or 3 times, then capture them. You will literally repeat these steps every time. There is no challenge or thinking of any kind. After the first two or three levels I started to get bored.

It’s pretty much impossible to die. Sure you get slimed a few times. You may even fall to a knee after you have lost all of your health, but there is always someone to pick you back up and give you back 100% health.20160808132000.mp4.Still002


I would have liked to see more of a movie tie in with Ghostbusters. The movie itself broke down some barriers with an all female main cast. It would have been nice to see the game do the same. With no real story involved in this game, it really became dependent on the gameplay itself, Sadly, the gameplay didn’t hold much weight either.

Ghostbusters isn’t worth the hefty price tag of a premium $60 dollar game. If you want to check it out, I would recommend renting it or waiting for it so come down in price. I would think to spend no more than $20 bucks on this game. In my opinion, it seems as if the game was rushed to the selves to make it in time for the Ghostbusters movie. The fact that the game has no tie-in to the movie just makes it a total head scratcher.Sequence 01.Still001


  • Colorful game
  • Easy for kids to Play


  • No movie tie-in
  • No true story
  • Too repetitive
  • Not challenging
  • Over priced