Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

PC PlayStation Xbox One

Just another Lego Star Wars game? Maybe… Maybe not.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is TT Games newest Lego game. This new installment follows up Lego Star Wars, Lego Star Wars II, and Lego Star Wars III which covered the original Star Wars trilogy.20160702105251.mp4.00_39_52_13.Still002

Force Awakens begins at the end of Return Of the Jedi. From playing as the Ewoks on Endor to Luke and Vader having a family moment on the Death Star, the game did a good job taking us back in time to two of the best moments of that movie. While Return of the Jedi has no relevance to the rest of the game, playing as a young Luke SkyWalker always has its perks.20160628181458.mp4.00_37_54_19.Still006

After a brief Return Of the Jedi moment, you are pushed forward into present day to play Force Awakens. Here the game picks up where the movie started. I wont go into too much detail about the movie itself as most of you have likely seen it already. Here we will focus on the game itself.

TT Games has always done a good job with their Lego video games and Star Wars: Force Awakens is no different. They do a great job of staying close to the movie its modeled after. There are a few moments that go slightly off the grid, but for the most part it stays true to form. Adding Comedy has always been a staple for this franchise and this game brings plenty of that. From a ‘BB On Board’ bumper stickers to Lego characters being done in with ice cream scoops, there is plenty of laughs to go around. 20160628181458.mp4.00_04_15_02.Still001

The gameplay for Lego games have always been fun. You destroy objects made out of Lego bricks, and you build items to help complete your objective while collecting suds. This year is slightly different. TT Games has done away with the build catalogs you’ve seen in previous games such as The Lego Movie(Thank You!) and have replace it with multi-build mechanics. This means you can build multiple items with one set of Lego’s. The challenge is knowing which one to build first. If you build the wrong item, you can knock it down and build it right. The down side is that if you build it right the first time, you may miss out on special items in some cases as some will not allow you to rebuild based on the cut scenes to follow.20160702105251.mp4.00_41_05_18.Still005

The Lego game also comes with new cover based shootouts that brings a new element in this game that hasn’t been seen in the past. Having to duck from cover to cover to take out a few dozen storm troopers can be quite fun.

Puzzles are also a staple in the Lego games and this one has plenty of them. One of the things I didn’t like about the last few Lego games is that the puzzles are too easy to solve. Sadly, that is still the case here. There are 3 or 4 puzzles that do take nugget of brain power but most are extremely simple. One can make the case that Lego’s are for kids and they want to make it easy and enjoyable for them, however, not challenging kids at all is a bigger injustice. Star Wars: The Force Awakens had a chance to fix this and they completely dropped the ball… again.20160702125545.mp4.00_39_14_03.Still001

The game has over 200 playable characters and almost 50 vehicles to play with. Gameplay is roughly 8 to 10 hours long before all the additional DLC arrives for season pass holders. Even so, if you play the Lego games as I do, it will take much longer than that to complete the game at 100%. Force Awakens does a great job in making sure the players that are assigned to a specific mission are all used and needed. Having to do a side mission to get to the main mission is also a welcomed addition.20160702105251.mp4.00_40_18_19.Still003

With everything said, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a solid game. It a game you can pick up and get lost in time, but also put down right away when tired. You can have as much fun playing play co-op as you would playing solo. If you love Star Wars or Lego games in general, I cant see why you would not pick this one up. Aside from some poor puzzle concerns, Force Awakens checks most of the boxes and adds a few surprises here and there.


  • Good Graphics and Cut Scenes
  • Good Gameplay
  • Nice new build options and combat features


  • Game tends to freeze from time to time
  • Most Puzzles are too easy
  • Vehicle controls can be better