Mafia III Review

PC PlayStation Xbox One

Does Mafia III make you an offer you can’t refuse? Find out as we put a hit out on Mafia III.

Mafia and Mafia II were great games during its time. So much so that Mafia III had big shoes to fill. 2K even went as far as to pay homage to Mafia II by including Vito Scaletta in its newest game.average-xbox-gamer-intro-00_00_41_02-still001

Mafia III possibly has the most gameplay hours that you could ever fit into a video game. The missions and side missions seem almost endless. One side mission leads to another side mission. Sometimes I forgot that there was an actual main story mission that needed to be completed.20161007125151-mp4-00_20_39_26-still003


Mafia III excelled with how it told the story of Lincoln Clay. The story starts out with Clay coming home from serving his country. He finds his family in a financial jam. Strapped for cash he decides to accept a job from mob boss Sal Marcano that would take care of all his family’s problems. Sal has bigger plans and decides to double cross Lincoln by killing his entire family and leaving Clay for dead.

20161011223639-mp4-00_00_10_06-still001Lincoln sets out on a revenge driven war path to kill anyone associated with Sal and avenge his family’s death. While setting out on his path of destruction, he’s aided by DEA agent Donovan, who feeds him intel on his high-profile targets.

The story itself is very well crafted. Telling a story that consumes a lot of racism is extremely risky but it works. There is even a disclaimer at the beginning of the game stating how unapologetic Hanger 13 was for the realism Mafia III presented for the year of 1968.


Mafia III’s version of New Orleans is beautiful. The open world does a great job transitioning from a nice neighborhood, to the slums, and even to the country effortlessly. The wardrobes, cars, boats, and buildings really makes you feel apart of 1968.

Sadly, that’s where my love affair with the beauty of the game ends. The glitches in Mafia III does the game a disservice. When driving, most of the time it seems as if the car is floating instead of seeing all four tires on the road. During mid-day, the sun appears to blind you, making driving or shooting people in front of you nearly impossible.

20161012190251-mp4-00_03_06_03-still002Other glitches that I encountered includes boats dropping from the sky, seeing two of the same character, and the game itself completely shutting down and making me restart.


Burke seems to have a twin we didn’t know about

Of course these glitches don’t compare to killing a guy, only to have him stand back up holding an invisible rifle. Surely these may be fixed in an update, however, these are a handful of the glitches I found during my game play.


Speaking of gameplay, Mafia III plays just as good as GTA V while staying true to itself. You still have territories that you have to conquer, however, you do not have to maintain them. Once you take over a rack, its assigned to one of your followers. They run the day-to-day while you reap the benefits such as cash and favors. The more Racks you assign, the more favors you receive.

20161009205106-mp4-00_00_06_04-still003No longer do you need to recruit individuals to go on missions with you. Now you can call in a hit squad to assist you. They will usually come in guns blazing, killing everyone in their path until they themselves are put down.

The unfortunate part is that the AI controlled goons are dumb as rocks. This makes the game extremely easy to play. If you’re up to it, you can kill every mobster in the building without firing a singe shot. Every AI player seems to fall for the exact same trick. Duck behind a wall, whistle to grab a mobsters attention, perform a stealthy take down when they check out where the noise is coming from.

20161012190251-mp4-00_02_29_21-still001You would think that the further you get into the game, the harder it would get. Sadly, that didn’t seem to be the case. As a matter if fact, it almost seemed to get easier as the game progressed. While there are tons of missions to complete, after while it seemed repetitive.


Mafia III is a pretty good game. It really seems to draw you into the city of New Orleans. The story is top-notch, setting the bar for other upcoming games such as Watch Dogs 2 to surpass. Sadly the glitches and AI incompetency really does the this game an injustice. Mafia III is a patch away from being great but at this time we have to settle for very good.



  • Good Graphics and Cut Scenes
  • Engaging Story
  • Tons Of Gameplay Hours
  • Engaging Combat
  • Open World is Beautifully Designed


  • Issues with lighting
  • Game appears to be too easy to play
  • No Fast Travel Options
  • A.I controlled players are dumb as rocks