Obliteracers Review

PC PlayStation Xbox One

Does Obliteracers have what it takes to be a great Kart racer? Find out as we go hands on.


When you play Obliteracers, you cant help but to compare it to Mario Kart.

Obliteracers is a small track racing game that crosses Mario Kart with the racing scene from Star Wars Phantom Menace. Instead of racing for a spot on the podium, you are looking to be the last racer on the track. I hate to bring up Mario Kart because it’s not the same game, yet, it’s the closest game we can compare it to.20160914175917-mp4-00_05_13_29-still001

This chaotic 16 player racer completely revolves around how much mayhem you can dish out while working your way around the track. Racers can easily be armed with machine guns, bazookas,censor bombs and even oil cans that are picked up along the way. The goal primarily is to stay alive long enough to win. That, in itself, is easier said than done.


Visually, Obliteracers looks pretty darn good. The racers are all unique. The race tracks themselves are a work of art. I would have liked the environment to play more of a role in the race, such as having boulders to maneuver around or trap doors under the tracks to make things more interesting. Having some sort of customization over your racer would have been a nice feature as well.

01Varkian Empire did a great job making each track look different from the next. The details that were added to the environment rival even some of the most premium games.They even threw in a few short cuts to spice things up a bit.


Obliteracers only has one camera angle, which is by design. The camera is also apart of the race. For the most part, you have 3 enemies in each race. There’s the camera, the track, and the other racers themselves. If you focus on one and not the others, you’re in for a long match. If you think you’re going to fall back and let everyone else duke it out, you’re sadly mistaking.  Falling out of view of the camera will eliminate you from the race. Speeding up in front of everyone makes you a prime target.20160914175917-mp4-00_05_17_01-still002

One thing that you will notice once you start playing Obliteracers is that there is no finish line. Its survival of the fittest, or survival of the luckiest…. whichever comes first I suppose. If you can make it 5 laps around without dying, I commend you.

Playing online and offline can give you a different experience. Online play seems to be much faster and tougher to control your racer as you navigate thru the course. I found myself not being able to control my racer for the most of the game.

Offline mode in Obliteracers is still packed with mayhem, however it seems slightly slower but easier to control your racer. If knocked out of a race, you are given the option to shoot rockets at the remaining AI players, affecting the outcome of the race. You also have the ability to sim the match if you’re in more of a rush to get back to the action. Normally I would frown at having the ability to affect a race that you are no longer apart of…. but its the AI controlled players so who care.20160914175917-mp4-00_05_48_07-still003

While you are racing other players, it may be the track that’s the biggest obstacle. The race tracks are not the easiest to navigate. It’s very easy to go flying off the track if you lose sight of where you are. Losing sight can become a common occurrence if you blink too many times. With all the chaos in the race, with explosions and cars flying all over the screen, it gets pretty hard to keep up with who you are controlling.20160914175917-mp4-00_06_30_16-still004

The one thing I didn’t enjoy about Obliteracers was being pulled off the track. I can understand that the game is built on physics; I get it. But sometime I feel as if I am being pulled off the track. When you turn that corner it seems like a tractor beam gets a hold of my racer and knocks me off the board.


Obliteracers is a great game to break out for a party, maybe even an icebreaker. It may very well be one of the best kart based games on console to date. While the game is pretty cool to play, the cool factor can wear off after a few matches. No matter the track, or even the racer you’re controlling, every race seems the same. Would have been nice to add more goals or objective based races.20160914180604-mp4-00_00_00_18-still001

Overall, Obliteracers is a nice game to pick up and add to your collection. It gives you most things you would like in a kart based game without breaking the bank.

***Special thanks to Deck13 for giving me the opportunity to review this game. I had tons of fun doing it.


  • Creative Combat
  • Fun to play
  • Generously priced


  • Single player is noticably slower than Multiplayer
  • Moving mechanics needs some work
  • Fun wears off pretty quickly