Overcooked Review

Xbox One

Ready to channel your inner Iron Chef? Grab some barbecue for this Overcooked Review.It’s no secret that video games are in the dead zone between summer and fall where there aren’t many new premium game releases. Ghost Town Games may have seized the moment with the release of Overcooked just before the fall frenzy.

Overcooked is a cooking game that would make Chef Ramsey cringe. This chaotic multiplayer game gives you the ability to play solo or with a team up of up to four players to prepare, cook, and serve dishes ordered by eager customers.


Overcooked starts you out in a meatball apocalypse of sorts. To keep the world from being destroyed, you have to feed the beast that’s raining hell on the world. No matter how good you do in this opening act, you will pretty much fail. You are then sent back in time to hone your skills in the kitchen.

The crazy thing is, as you go through the levels, you kind of forget about this story. In my opinion, this is another one of those games that didn’t really need a story, but in the end, Ghost Town Games checks the box. With or without the story, Overcooked is still a pretty good game.20160803122206.mp4.00_04_53_05.Still003


Overcooked will not blow you away visually, but it gets the job done. The kitchen setups for each stage were carefully crafted. From two truck beds to a rocking pirate ship, this game will make you work for those elusive three stars. Overcooked even comes with an assortment of characters to choose from. A raccoon in a wheelchair? Yep! Nothing is off-limits here.20160803122206.mp4.00_01_59_00.Still002


This game is absolutely fun to play as a co-op but frustrating to play solo. When playing solo, the characters are both controlled by one person. It would have been nice to have the AI take over the 2nd player and allow you to switch as needed. At the very least, we should be able to give it an order to complete. Unfortunately, that 2nd player is a mindless character that will not move unless you move him yourself. This causes you to lose valuable time trying to complete an order.20160805231512.00_01_40_00.Still001

Multiplayer is a fun experience everyone will enjoy. You can play with up to four people. I was able to play with my family, and we couldn’t put the game down. One person can man the chopping board while others plate the food and serve. But, one slip up and the kitchen can go up in smoke.  Overcooked teaches us that working as a team will give the best results. 20160805231512.mp4.00_00_06_00.Still001The lack of an Online Mode is the biggest omission by Overcooked. Players can join together to create a team up to 4 players, or can play against each other — one-on-one, two-on-two, etc.  But multiplayer really doesn’t hit home without the ability to play online.


Overcooked is absolutely fun to play. With a four player co-op mode, it can take over a party or a family gathering. Sure, there are little issues such as not being able to pick up the correct item from time to time, but it still doesn’t take away from the fun you have playing the game. The main concern for me is the single player mode. The players are noticeably slower, and the second player needs to always be manually controlled.

Overcooked should be in everyone’s game collection. It’s a game that could easily become an instant classic.


  • Fun to play
  • Unique Characters to choose from
  • Each board is smartly designed


  • No Online mode
  • Issues picking up the correct items
  • Single player is noticably slower than Multiplayer