OverWatch Review

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Will Overwatch open the world up to a new category of games? Will Overwatch be considered one of the best games of Spring 2016? Find out now. This is an overview and review of Overwatch.

Consoles and PC’s have come a long way over the last few years. Consoles have become more powerful, and PC graphic cards are more stable and able to handle more complex games than ever before. OverWatch takes advantage of the capabilities of both PC and Console.

Blizzard Entertainment’s OverWatch has gotten a ton of publicity over the last few months, and rightfully so. This game however, doesn’t need a hype-man. CiS2lRfUgAAOcSSIt’s a firecracker all its own. So much so that over 9 million gamers have logged on to play the open Beta.


There are over twenty characters. All of them are unique and bring something completely different to the game. It’s best to choose your character wisely, as having the correct combination of players can sway the momentum of a match.2016-05-15 (2)

These characters are broken down into 4 categories: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support.



Offensive characters are a pretty self-sufficient group. This group can hold their own and move pretty quickly too. While they do dish out a good deal of damage, they can’t really absorb a lot of damage. These characters can only take a few hits, so it’s best to keep moving. It’s also good to have a good support team of healers to back them up when they get in a jam. These characters are good for the gamers that like to go in guns blazing. The special abilities for these players are so powerful that they can clear an area with ease. Offensive characters will get the majority of their points racking up kills.



Much like the offensive characters, the defensive characters can also dish out massive damage to an opponent. Some characters can set traps such as manually detonated explosive mines or turning into a turret. This group, however, does not move as fast as their offensive counterparts. Because of this, they are best suited for protecting an area or capture point. Like the Offensive characters, Defensive characters usually get most points based on their kills.



The characters categorized as tanks are usually in the thick of the battle. Offensive and Defensive characters truly benefit from having a tank on the team. The tank will absorb large amounts of damage and shield other players from harm. These characters are huge in size and can easily distract the other team. But, while they absorb an enemy’s attack, they are also pretty slow and do not dish out a lot for critical damage. The primary focus of a tank is to shield the other characters. Tanks generally rack up most of their points taking damage rather than dishing it out.



The support team is pretty much your lifeline. These characters should not be on the front line. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. They should be behind everyone. Pairing a support character with a tank can change the course of a battle. They can heal other teammates on the fly or create a healing zone so other characters can stay in the game longer. Playing as a support character requires sacrifice as their focus is not on kills; it’s on keeping teammates alive. Support racks up most of their points by healing others.


When setting up your team, it is good to have two offensive characters and one each of everything else. I have found that your wins can easily be determined by the personnel you keep.

OverWatch reminds me of The A-Team (you younger guys can google it).TheATeam-77904-4 B.A. as your Tank, Murdock is your Support, Face is your Offense, and Hannibal is your Defense. It’s the same concept only with cartoonish characters. They all work as one unit to bring down the enemy.


Here are the type of games that can be played so far in Overwatch. You can either create your own group or join a random team of 6 players. These modes are fun and extremely satisfying to play.2016-05-15

The thing I love about this game is that no two characters are alike. They all bring something to the table. You have your players that just run into a gun fight. You also have characters that can camp out and snipe the enemy. You just have to find the one that’s right for you. Working as a team is they key to victory. If you can’t work as a team, you will most likely not have a good experience.


My only concerns with this game are the level up system and the loot boxes. You get loot boxes by leveling up. Currently, the only reason for leveling up is to get loot but the loot is not all that rewarding. In my experience, I was only able to acquire things like skins and voices for a character(what a bore!). There is nothing that would actually aid you in battle. There were no new special attacks, weapons, or even shields to reward yourself with. I believe this is where Blizzard Entertainment truly dropped the ball.

Aside from the lack of Loot, this is a fantastic game. Once you find your role, it can be pretty addictive. This is clearly one of my favorite fighting games of spring so far.

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  • Gameplay
  • Unique Characters
  • Ease Of Play


  • Game Need more Activities
  • Game Loot is not worth it