Quantum Break Review

PC Xbox One

Quantum Break combines a movie with a video game. Does it work in their favor? Find out now.

Microsoft Studios released its blockbuster game Quantum Break on April 5th. Due to all the hype surrounding this game, we decided to hold off on reviewing this game until after the dust had settled. Ladies and gentlemen, that time is now.Sequence 01.Still001

Quantum Break is an Xbox Exclusive that received a bunch of hype leading up to its release. It was Microsoft Studios make or break game. The company has put a lot of time and money into this game and it shows. Its star studded cast incudes X-men’s Shawn Ashmore, Dark Knight Rise’s Aiden Gillen, and The Wire’s Lance Reddick.


Jack Joyce went to a college campus to assist one of his friends in a top secret project, but it goes side ways when Jack’s brother shows up. During all the ruckus, the top secret machine malfunctions, causing Jack and his friend-turned-enemy to receive powers that bend time. I won’t go into too much detail about the story as we always want to leave it up to you to play. We would rather not spoil it for you. What I will say is that the story will keep you entertained. There were times when I put the controller down and forgot I was playing a game.

Sequence 01.Still0020Gameplay

The gameplay was phenomenal, and we rarely throw that word around. The movement was pretty good and the characters interacted with their surroundings very well. Once you got the hang of what power does what, it made things pretty easy. Quantum Break did a good job introducing each power. They didn’t throw them all at you at once, and that was great to see. There were a few times we had to move around the area to get the interaction button to pop up even if we were in the right spot, but it was a minor hassle.Sequence 01.Still002


The Developers, Remedy Entertainment, brought their A game graphics-wise. They decided to fuse a beautiful game with live cut scenes to make it feel as if you were playing out an actual movie. It was a risky move that paid off. The digital aspect of the game couldn’t be more beautiful. They really did a great job. All characters looked very realistic. The walking mechanics could use a little work as some times Jack walked like a cast member from the Living Dead. quantum-break-release

The movie aspect scared me going in. I remember the long cut scenes that Metal Gear used to make us sit through, and I cringed. Quantum Break does have long 20 minute cut scenes, but they were great to watch. With the star-studded team of actors, they really made it worth checking out. It’s better than a lot of the shows you see on TV today. The cast really took pride in pulling me into the story. Unlike Metal Gear, the cut scenes are optional so you don’t have to sit through it if you don’t want to, but I highly recommended you do.quantum_break_gamescom_2015_tv_show-2



Remedy Entertainment did a great job with using every bit of Xbox One hardware they could think of. Great gameplay and awesome graphics makes this game a must play for any true gamer. There were a few things I would have liked to see such as better interaction mechanics and more open world features but that’s just me being picky. In the end, Quantum Break checks almost of the boxes. You will have loads of fun playing this game.


  • Creative Combat
  • Great cast and acting
  • Good Graphics and Cut Scenes
  • Unique Story


  • Interaction mechanics can use a little work
  • Choices really don't affect the game as much
  • Poor aim mechanics during shooting gameplay