Ryse: Son of Rome Review

Xbox One

Ryse: Son of Rome is a game developed by Crytek and published by Microsoft Studios. It The game is a slightly above average game in almost all aspects.


The game’s main focus, combat, is fun yet tedious and boring at times. When its regular combat missions (spamming attack and deflect) it feels like a job. However, the game does have some genuinely fun combat missions that spice up ordinary combat with unique mechanics that don’t overstay they’re welcome like the ordinary combat. Executions, brutal and fun as they may be, slow down the flow of combat, but are made necessary to either give you more health, XP, damage, and Focus. I cannot find the purpose of the Focus mechanic, nor have I needed to utilize it.


You are Marius Titus, a Roman soldier out for revenge for his dead family, which they don’t attempt to hide, considering there is an achievement called “I Will Avenge You, Father.” The story attempts to tug on your heartstrings at times, but it fails. However, it is good at creating heroic moments that make you want to continue playing. The initial incident of the plot becomes easily foreseeable the moment you meet the family. Also, since when did Roman soldiers have British accents and use the word “lad?”



Ryse: Son of Rome‘s graphics are slightly above average, the combat scenes look impressive. However, the animation is stuttery during cut scenes, something that really takes you out of the experience. The executions look brutal and glorious and are one of the highlights of the game’s graphics.


Overall, Ryse: Son of Rome gets a 6 for being slightly above average. It just doesn’t have enough substance or bring enough to the table to justify a higher score. If the game had focused less on executions and more on the fun combat sections, this game could have been great. It’s a competently made game, but it’s nothing to write home about.


  • Story is passable
  • Occasional fun and interesting game mechanics
  • Graphics are above average in most aspects


  • Combat can become monotonous and boring
  • Gameplay flow is interrupted at points
  • Animations for cutscenes stutter


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